Faith Restored in Humanity

PSI Exams Richmond Midlothian

The summer of 2016 ended with a beginning for me.  That beginning was the start of the classes I would need to fulfill the requirements to receive my Broker's license in real estate.  Ahead of me stared four months of classes, tests and studying for the State and National boards.  Whew, I thought, do I really have the time for this?

Fast forward to December 2016 and I am in the exam room at PSIExams working my way through a three hour test.  Once I pressed enter for the last question, I saw the word "PASSED".  Woo Hoo....Victory!

As I walk out of the exam room, I am greeted by a neatly dressed lady holding a basket of little baggies all tied with bows filled with homemade oatmeal cookies.  She was from True Vine Church. According to the test facility staff, she is the pastor's wife and she comes to the testing center weekly to offer her homemade cookies for a small donation to the church.  More importantly they said, she offers encouragement to the people taking tests for licensing.

Not one to turn down a good oatmeal cookie, I asked her to wait so I can run to my car to see if I had any cash available.  As I rummaged through my car and wallet, I realized I had a couple of dollars in coins but that was about the extent of my cash haul.  Running back to the building, I run into her as she is leaving.  Slightly out of breath I exclaim how I appreciate her offering her cookies to me but that I did not have enough money to purchase any that day.

With that I turned to walk back to my car.  Before I can leave my parking space, she approaches my car, handing me one of her bags of cookies through the window.  She insisted that I take them as a reward for passing my exam.  "Are you sure", I asked?   "Of course, Merry Christmas to you." "Merry Christmas" I replied back.

In a great big world, it was such a small kindness.  A kindness that I think of more often than I think about passing that darn exam.  Does the neatly dressed lady know that I think of her actions often?  Am I the only one impacted by her gifts of culinary talents and time?  

Perhaps it is not in the big events that make the biggest impact on people, but in the multitude of little ones that occur daily.  Are we paying attention to the opportunities to show "a little kindness"?  Can humanity not benefit from just simply being nice to each other?  It is amazing the power in a little oatmeal cookie!